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Exiting the Fall - “Kingdom”

BANE Don’t Wait Up Official Album Trailer

Getting Started

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I’m pretty new to all of this, but you’re basically my idol when it comes to recording. You consistently put out quality records, and I know that you just recently moved into a real studio but for a while were working from a basement. How did you manage to do all the recording in one room with minimal treatment and still have everything sounds so great? 
Also, how did you train your ears to know to look for whatever quality it is that you look for?

Well thank you, that’s very kind of you to say! A basement just like any other place, is still just a place. It has it’s own sound and depending on the basement that sound will vary just like anywhere. I did do some light acoustic treatment when I was working out of a basement that I think helped? Honestly back then I was coming more from a place of experimentation than I was knowledge.

As far as putting out records that people liked so early on, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I had already been in bands for 10 years when I started recording. At that point I had already personally recorded with very solid engineers and had some familiarity with the recording process by doing so. My aspirations of just wanting to be a “band guy” left me with a nice foundation for being the type of engineer that knows what other “band guys” are looking for out of their records, because likely it’s what I was looking for as well haha. 

I also come from a back ground with computers and video games which helped me acclimate to working in a DAW pretty much instantly. I used to be obsessed with the music creator in the game “Mario Paint” for Super Nintendo, little did I know composing and recording with a computer would be turn into and entire career. 

(click this link to see Mario Paint)

No matter what you will develop a sound of your own, you won’t be able to help but do it because everything is filtering through your ears, your influences, and your specific experimentation. That is provided you are a passionate hard worker that doesn’t mind 70 hour weeks for the rest of your life (not joking). It’s not having the answers that is the frustrating part at first, but until you have made all the mistakes the “answers” won’t have value or weight yet. You don’t want someone to tell you the HOWS, it’s all about the WHYS. When you get to the root of things you learn “why” you would do something a certain way, this makes for a much more flexible and fun way to record (or do anything probably). The only piece of “magic gear” is between your ears.

Cheesy ending to my rant time,

It doesn’t feel like work if you really love it. Two mediocre movies that had an unexpected effect on my life were “Field of Dreams” and “Yes Man”.

If you build it they will come, and when the come, say yes.

Foreign Tongues - “Wishing Well”

Matt Greiner playing “Poor Millionaire” in one take. No editing or triggers. Audio recorded by Jay Maas.

Exiting The Fall studio update.

Recording Defeater Vocals

Recording Defeater Vocals

Sample of Mix Notes I get from bands. Amazing.

Always check out <40hz on your individual tracks. Shave this stuff correctly and you’ll get more headroom out of your masters. A lot of times it is the frequencies your monitors can’t reproduce that will get your limiters and compressors pumping too early. You’ll likely be surprised how many places you find things building up in that area.  #nerdtalk